utar city tour!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

utar city tour!!!(just to let you guys know, im now a utarian :D) held on sunday, 7th june i followed this tour that brought us around KL. i was seriously fun, and i got to know a lot of other utarians too (nice to meet you too :D ). this tour had students from the setapak campus and the pj campus and i paid rm 20 for it. quite a reasonable price, considering dinner is included.

first up, we went to klcc(no this is not klcc but somewhere near it :D )

the klcc from a different roint of view
a group picture of the students

the organizers....thank you!!!

an interesting situation which i discovered. F1 ad as the backdrop

shot at the famous central market
i saw this just outside the central market. look at the BIG chest!!! bigger than mine atleast xD

eric, me, max, and err.....i forgot your name
then we went to the tugu negara

later, we went to the national science centre...shot there, this is its glass roof

angkasawan wannabe :D

fishy fish
my model xD
a candid shot before we left science centre

he got bullied(in a fun way) :D i was laughing all the time!!

having satay for dinner at haji samsuri, kajang...though touted as one of the best satay in kajang, i felt that its satay was overrated

after the dinner...another group photo. this time im in the picture...they just grabbed me(no time to escape) :D

together with the organizers..

quiz winner together with anson and xp

what a day it has been! hope to see them again and i want to thank the organizers once again...bye! btw, pictures are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/39251844@N02/ if you want the large version. just click on the picture and then "all sizes" :D