M-IFW 2009 part2

Sunday, December 13, 2009

part 2...forgot to mention that this event was held at Pavillion, KL. more photos:D part3 soon...

a scary looking one

M-IFW 2009 part1

Malaysia International Fashion Week. was at this fashion show to support my friend Julian Goh (one of the featured student designer) and also to take lots of photos for all of you to enjoy :D actually it was an eye opening experience for me, as this was the first time im shooting a real fashion show( not those kind of fashion shows organised by camera manufacturers where hundreds of photographer will cram into a place and push each other to get that decent shot) not that...im talking about a real fashion show! woohoo! fashion industry bigshot Datuk Bernard Chandran was also there to support this event. this is the first part of the series.do come later for the second part yea? ok let the pictures do the talking! :D
some of my friends who came to support julian (in full white)

retarded people...not me of course :D haha
mel, vivian, julian, and leeza
before the show...

"look into the lens please"
let the show begin!

oi...look here la

a piece of art...

people...look at me

one of my fav :D

trying out a different perspective
up next: part 2