shoting water again

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i tried my hands on capturing water again..this time i dropped ice on the water to create the splash effect that i wanted. again, shot with a sb600 external flash ( its just so fun playing with it :D). this time with different setup. i used a white background for this. you will never imagine the total mess created by this :D prepared 3 dry cloths to "wipe em out" the water...enjoy. any constructive comments and critiques appreciated. thanks for viewing!

1.done using hand mixer
2. this too....
3. dropped an ice cube to create the splashing effect :D

a blog header for my mother

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hey guys this is what i have put my effort into in the last few days...A BLOG HEADER!!!!. so you might think its nothing to shout about but the blog header is made for my mom :D she is going to have a blog too (soon but pls be patient :D) and the contents will feature stuffs about sewing and photography. do visit her blog ok? now to the header, i used photoshop cs3 together with all those grunge brush packs (from deviant the result...
grunge style...woohoo!!! :D thanks for viewing!

water droplets

Saturday, May 16, 2009

my first time shooting water droplets :D yay!!! ok so i set the d90 on commander mode and triggered a sb600 flash. the background is a black colour cardboard from stationery shops. comments and critiques are appreciated and please tell me which versions do you like and why it worked for you. thanks!!




photoshoot with nick gan part 2

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this is the 2nd part of the photoshoot with nick series. all images are edited using photoshop cs3 and i tried experimenting different look with the pictures. here are the pictures, enjoy!!!

1. he left the guitar

2. grunge style treatment



5. superman wannabe :D




9. classic

10. my moment!!! cool shades rite? :D
thanks for viewing!!! im looking for the next person to be my volunteer model for my FREE photoshoot. are you the one that i'm looking for? you decide :D

class reunion at pizza hut

Sunday, May 10, 2009

yesterday we had a reunion dinner for me and high school class friends at pizza hut sunway pyramid. i want to thank almaz for helping to organise this gathering and to all of you who were present, thanks for your time and support :D some couldnt make it, and we have about 24 people in the gathering (which was not bad xD). jon, manda, wen yau and i went to buy a tiramisu cake for lai (it was lai's birthday) at jusco.

soup anyone????

jj and kai rong

the girls, on far right is wen jie's girlfriend

we had pizza at pizza hut :D pepperoni pizza

singing birthday song for birthday boy lai.

close up on almaz :D

i know im popular but please!!! haha

the three

wen jie, his girl(sorry i forgot the name) and jon

group picture before we leave

arif, who will be leaving for kedah..all the best to you!!!thanks for viewing !!!

photoshoot with nick gan

Saturday, May 9, 2009

another photoshoot picture series to share :D this time our lucky friend for this session is nicholas gan!!! he's currently studying in monash uni. he is a nice person to work with, and i wanna thank him for being a part of this mini photoshoot. all pictures here are shot using nikon 50mm af-d f1.8 lens and an external nikon sb600 flashgun triggered using commander mode. here are the pictures and c and c is appreciated :D

1. wanna create that kind of "retro" feel in this shot

2. experimenting with intentional noise to create that "grunge" look


4.salute!!! this was shot at nick's house

5. with a different pair of shades

thanks for viewing!!!

music to your ears. can you hear it???

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i play the classical (ahem...classical) guitar. started learning it since 3 years ago. here are some shots of my classical guitar to be shared (its a solid top admira alegria and made in spain :D) the sound pierces into your ear (wanna try? :D) i think i will upload some videos of me playing some pieces soon.ok!! here are the pictures. for the guitar shots i held it using my hand and clicked the camera using the other hand...quite hard to hold actually.

1. the fingers are in a c- chord position xD

2. you want me to play this for you?

3. the guitar

4. another c- chord position ;D

5. trying to achieve that kind of moody look
thanks for viewing :D

photography on a saturday

Sunday, May 3, 2009

it was a normal saturday for me. had plenty of free time and its means PHOTOGRAPHY !!! went to my house garden and got these pictures of the plants. all the pictures are shot using my newly acquired 50mm af-d f1.8. less talking, here are the pictures :D

1.root graph chart coloured leaves (i did not change the colour of the leaves)

4. edited version of pic #3. black and white treatmentcomments and critiques are welcome. thanks!!!

DIY light box ( eutjin's special edition version 1.00 )

Friday, May 1, 2009

i just made a soft box ( a diffuser for external flashlight) and i call it DIY light box ( eutjin's special edition version 1.00 ). its gonna be out there in the market soon (please be patient :D ) just kidding. main features of this soft box are:

1. made out of completely free and recycled items

2. a good ( or rather ok, or bad alternative) to other soft boxes in the market

3. able to diffuse light from the external flashlight. DUH!!!!

4. easy to install on your own flashlight and wont harm your precious flashlight.

now, time for the pictures

1. the bare flashlight (nikon sb600)

2.the flashlight together with the DIY light box. fuyoooohhhhh!!!! look so pro!!!! haha :D

3. back view

who wants to be the first person to be shot with this soft box? please contact eutjin NOW!!!
order for this soft box is now open :D

DIY light box ( eutjin's special edition version 1.00 )

free photoshoot??? :D

hey guys wanna let u all know that im offering free photoshoots untill the month june. (sorry but this photoshoot is only available to those that i know).

aim: to organise and offer free photoshoots( need to clarify that im no pro)

conclusion: everyone will be happy (i get to practice my photography skills and YOU get nice pictures of yourself. deal or no deal? )

if you want free photoshoot, just email me or give me a call ( you will choose the date and location (around subang only) :D