Utar Talent Night 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

UTAR Talent Night! Organised by UTAR PJ Dance club, this event took place around the halloween celebration. The theme was, as expected, Halloween. I enjoyed the performances lined up, and most of all, enjoyed clicking all the way through! The organising commitees there were sporting enough to apply these scary( zombie-like) make ups. Thumbs up for them :D OK, enough talking and here are some random sprinkles of the shots taken during the event :D
"i see dead people"...and they do look preety too :D pardon me
"the joker" wannabe
a friendly zombie smiling for the camera :D

MC of that event

Point Blanc officiating the event...

and the co-host :D

thou shall not point finger at others...

the guy on the right is "The Fireman", from the restaurant also named "Fireman"...located at Jaya One. Must visit!!

Fireman in action

dance performance
gotta shake em' all

during the lucky draw activity

my favourite shot :D

awesome dance performance by the duo. Superb!

and its all about the feeling...

check it out! accidentally chopped off the dudes hand...

there you have it. hope you enjoyed these photos. MORE photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/eutjin/sets/72157622873687308/ . originals available for download :D

up next: MIFA Fashion show!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sorry for being absent this few weeks :( busy with uni stuff...hmm not really, but gonna be real busy SOON). anyway, here are some random photos just to make up that ever little post count on my humble blog :D here it goes...
" the road not taken "
and mine would be the straight one...
is this straight?

till the last puff...NOT! looks like someone was in a hurry and didnt finish this batang. glad i am not a smoker( but at least a secondary smoker...cough cough..)

was invited to a fashion show (KL fashion week) by my friend Julian last week, where he showed off his 'couture' there. what an achievement really...as usual, my trusty D90 travelled alongside me. got to shoot runway models together with other experienced photographers there. well, i hope i can find the time to edit it and show it on this blog. till then... :D