a photographer's self-portrait

Friday, October 23, 2009

they say generally photographers take photo of somebody else, without anyone taking photo of them (the photographers). this is quite true for me, as when i get my hands one my camera, i will only shoot pictures of people around me. now i am doing something different... a self-portrait featuring me (solo) :D this was taken at home, with my camera placed on my trusty but cheap tripod. shots are fired using remote control, with a single sb600 through DIY softbox on right hand side of this photo. photoshopped the awesome cool floor into this photo for "retro" look. black and white is in! for those of you who are wondering, im holding a "ukulele", a guitar-like instrument which originated from Hawaii ( i think so....) anyway, enjoy the photo and as usual, the larger file can be viewed at my flickr. comments and critiques appreaciated !

Canon Photomarathon 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

went to the Canon Photomarathon 2009 held at sunway lagoon. had to pay rm30, as i am a non-nikon user. (nikon, please organise an event and charge non-nikon users more :D ....haha just kidding). for rm30, i was given a red tshirt, a cap, and a full day admission pass( means that we can only walk around there, cant play anything). although i didnt win anything, i had fun. made some new friends there (nikon and canon :D ) and hope to catch up with them soon. forgot to add....here are some of the best shots of the day...VERDICT: will i go there next year? only if canon marketing buck up and make sure that there is no more server failures. (again, have to thank them for organising such an event)...speaking of which, when will nikon organise something like this? lets just hope they will do something. enjoy !! comments and critiques appreaciated...
sea of reds
water boy

will you be my friend? :D




serious but cute baby

from the bridge

shooting in progress

for you :D

squint ...

knocking on KL's door

Friday, October 9, 2009

having my semester break now. i went to KLcity centre in hope of shooting the people there, but just didnt have the guts to do so :D. afraid that they will wack me up or something. so i shot stills, and here they are . went to petaling street, n some other jalan that i forgot the name (so sorry). used my newfound cross processing (digital) techniques and applied it in some of my pics. enjoy!!! c and c appreciated...thanks for viewing!

and i will be waiting

daytime job

can you spot her?

do park here!!

and a taste of freedom


i want this (the scooter)
the great escape

petaling street

tanah airku


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ahh yes...the guitar. been playing for two or three years since. (do drop me a note if you wanna see me play XD). anyway, about this picture, the main subject of course IS the guitar, and the model is my sis. though you cant see her face, but i think thats good enuf :D used photoshop cs3 for this " cross processed" effect. some purist photographers on flickr may have something against this kind of editing done on photoshop , but still, i do find "cross processing" AMAZING !!! "cross processing" is a process done during the film camera era (still done now), where photographers simply mix and match chemicals to go according their tastes, and hence, producing this kind of "look".

another "planned" random shot. featuring me!!! tools used: camera, tripod, guitar,shades and a "lengchai" (sorry for being syiok sendiri :D ). i used the cheap nikon wireless remote to trigger my camera, and processed this photo using photoshop to reveal the four of "us". hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for viewing!!!

my "brothers"