Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ahh yes...the guitar. been playing for two or three years since. (do drop me a note if you wanna see me play XD). anyway, about this picture, the main subject of course IS the guitar, and the model is my sis. though you cant see her face, but i think thats good enuf :D used photoshop cs3 for this " cross processed" effect. some purist photographers on flickr may have something against this kind of editing done on photoshop , but still, i do find "cross processing" AMAZING !!! "cross processing" is a process done during the film camera era (still done now), where photographers simply mix and match chemicals to go according their tastes, and hence, producing this kind of "look".

another "planned" random shot. featuring me!!! tools used: camera, tripod, guitar,shades and a "lengchai" (sorry for being syiok sendiri :D ). i used the cheap nikon wireless remote to trigger my camera, and processed this photo using photoshop to reveal the four of "us". hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for viewing!!!

my "brothers"