a photographer's self-portrait

Friday, October 23, 2009

they say generally photographers take photo of somebody else, without anyone taking photo of them (the photographers). this is quite true for me, as when i get my hands one my camera, i will only shoot pictures of people around me. now i am doing something different... a self-portrait featuring me (solo) :D this was taken at home, with my camera placed on my trusty but cheap tripod. shots are fired using remote control, with a single sb600 through DIY softbox on right hand side of this photo. photoshopped the awesome cool floor into this photo for "retro" look. black and white is in! for those of you who are wondering, im holding a "ukulele", a guitar-like instrument which originated from Hawaii ( i think so....) anyway, enjoy the photo and as usual, the larger file can be viewed at my flickr. comments and critiques appreaciated !