school again!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

after an absence of a week (busy with uni), here is something to share :D on saturday 29th may, i went back to school to recieve my awards. met up with friends (although some were not there, it still made my day) imagine when i first walked in to the school, the teachers commented about my hair, saying my hair is too long (come on, we are out of school already teacher, and i have waited for 11 years to finally have a chance to keep long hair xD ) it is always a good feeling to meet up with your old schoolmates don't u agree? :D i got anugerah "Pelajar Contoh"........yay!!!! and some other anugerahs too. here are some pics to share...come steal it!! :D click for a bigger picture
my class

boys club

me and chen nam (aka nami or chennai or chenda) :D

a group pic of 5sn1

firdaus performing at the function

picture courtesy of my mom

the girls :D

shu min and kail ling

the four sister (aka geniuses) they are the top students of the school, beating all the boys


hafiz from 5tk

boon giap and twins

carmen posing...:D

sorry guys, she aint available already :P

wen yau with his 'cool' pose

hon nam and his mom

more pics at !!!!!!