Cell outing!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

a few weeks ago, i went for an outing with my friends. went makan, jalan- jalan and makan again. luckily i brought my camera cos it was so much fun shooting them :D we ate at a restaurant in jaya one at JLN universiti( sorry i forgot the name). let the pictures do the talking and enjoy!!

dot and jolyn
dot and a well blurred enoch in the background xD...

"looks delicious" innit? it was ok...

julian a.k.a the fashion designer

dot, enoch, yi theng and julian

miss melody khoo!!!

and again...i like this picture :D

julian and vivian in action....woohoo!!
mirror, mirror...

julian in black and white mode

yi theng!!

after the dinner, we got bored and went out to take some pics!

featuring me :D photo credits to vivian :D
saw this scene and decided to photograph it as i think it looked interesting.
a group picture of us

no!!...shoot me not

at cold storage

me and yi theng :D

candid moments....
"in memory of enoch" xD
a close up pic of enoch, who is going back to australia to contiue his next semester there. good luck my friend



last picture of the day!!
thanks for viewing!!!